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Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Dieter Vogt

Curriculum Vitae

Born 1962 in Heinsberg/Unterbruch, Germany
Education 1982 – 1988 Chemistry, Universität GHS Essen, RWTH Aachen
PhD 1992 Zur selektiven Insertion von Kohlendioxid in Epoxide, RWTH Aachen
Postgraduate Qualification Positions

1998 Habilitation, Institute of Technical Chemistry, RWTH Aachen

1999 – 2012 Chair of Inorganic Chemistry and Coordination Chemistry, Eindhoven University of Technology

2012 -2017 Chair of Industrial Chemistry, School of Chemistry, University of Edinburgh

Since 2017 Chair of Technical Chemistry, Department BCI of TU Dortmund

Research Interests

·         Homogeneous transition metal catalysis

·         Ligand and catalyst design and mechanistic studies

·         Feedstock diversification and renewables

·         Process development in continuously operated miniplants


Our slogan is “Homogeneous Catalysis: From molecules to processes; from understanding to sustainable production”. Since 1999 the group has been active in the field of applied catalysis, with the main focus being on homogeneous transition metal catalyzed organic reactions and a strong focus on technical applications. As shown in Box 1 we investigate both, reactions based on major petrochemicals like alkenes and dienes derived from the major steam cracker fractions, but also renewables like fats and oils, terpenes and carbohydrates. Further fields of interest are the activation of carbon dioxide via transition metal catalysis and catalytic tandem reactions (see Box 2).

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