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M. Sc. Christian Heider

Selectivation of homogeneously catalyzed reactions by suppression of consecutive reactions in Continuous Flow

Curriculum Vitae:

Christian Heider studied Chemistry at TU Dortmund since October 2013. In 2016 he finished his bachelor thesis with the topic „Contributions to synthesis and characterization of cationic associative copolymers“ at the laboratory of organic chemistry. In his master studies from October 2016 till March 2019 he worked at the laboratory of industrial chemistry and earned his master’s degree with his thesis on the „Investigation on the homogeneous, ruthenium-catalyzed amination of alcohols in reactive ionic liquids with integrated catalyst recycling“. Since June 2019 he works as a research associate at the laboratory of industrial chemistry supported by a Ph.D. scholarship by „Evonik-Stiftung“.

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Research Topic:

Amines are one oft he most important building blocks for agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and other fabrics of our everday live. Homogeneous catalyzed amination reaction starting from various platform chemicals to synthesize primary, secundary and tertiary amines are well established. But when ammonia is used as amination reagent a mixture of products are often obtained, due to the higher reactivity of primary amines compared to ammonia.

Heider Reaktion

Figure 1:  Amination of different plattform chemicals with ammonia.

For large-scale synthesis a control of the consecutive reactions is necessary. For this reason, further reasearch is needed into catalyst systemes and process engineering.


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