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M. Sc. Jonas Bianga

Amine functionalizations with integrated catalyst recycling

Curriculum Vitae:

Jonas started his bachelor studies at the TU Dortmund in 2011 and finished his bachelor thesis with the topic “Hydroformylation of 10-undecenoate in thermomorphic multicomponent systems (TMS)” at the laboratory of industrial chemistry (TC) in 2014. Within his master studies from 2014 to 2017 he absolved a six months internship in the workgroup of Prof. Dr. Bergbreiter for organic chemistry at the Texas A&M University. There he investigated phase behavior of polymer supported catalysts in Thermomorphic Multiphase Systems. In his master thesis he successfully developed a new orthogonal catalyst system for the “tandem reaction of isomerization and hydroformylation of unsaturated oleo compounds”. In 2017 he got work experience in industry through an internship at Covestro AG in Dormagen. In that he reactivated a research miniplant for the investigation and classification of different stirrer models.

Research Topic

Homogeneous catalysts are mostly used for research or in pharmaceutical chemistry. In the context of Sonderforschungsbereich/ Transregio 63 (SFB/ TR 63), financed by the DFG, the chances of homogeneous catalysts applications in industrial processes should be improved.

In this research the synthesis of amines with integrated catalyst recycling in thermomorphic multiphase systems should be investigated.


Figure 1: Reaction scheme from olefine to amine.

Possible reactions are on the one hand a two-step synthesis through a hydroformylation and a reductive amination. On the other hand both steps can be done together in a hydroaminomethylation (Figure 1). In the end of this work the both ways should be compared. In both ways the synthesis should be done in a thermomorphic multicomponent system (TMS). TMS offer a promising way for the catalyst recycle like it is shown in Figure 2.



Figure 2: Reductive animation step in TMS.

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Conference posters & talks:

August 2019, Aachen, Europacat, “Atom Economic Synthesis of Amines from Alkenes with Recycling of the Homogenoeus Catalyst in Thermomorphic Multiphase Systems”

March 2019, Weimar, 52nd German Catalysis Meeting (Jahrestreffen Deutscher Katalytiker), „Homogeneously catalyzed Reductive Amination: Chemical and process-engineering solutions”

June 2018, Portland (Oregon):  22nd Green Chemistry and Engineering conference, "Aqueous Multiphase Systems for Recycling of Homogeneous Catalysts in the Functionalization of Olefins"

March 2018, Weimar: 51st German Catalysis Meeting (Jahrestreffen Deutscher Katalytiker) "A new bimetallic tandem catalytic system for isomerizing hydroformylation of fatty acid methyl esters"

October 2017, Dresden: DGMK, Petrochemistry and Refining in a Changing Raw Materials Landscape, poster: “Isomerization / Hydroformylation of fatty acid methyl esters – Development of a new bimetallic tandem catalytic system”

March 2016, San Diego: 251st American Chemical Society (ACS) Meeting & Exposition, poster: “Strategies to reduce leaching of soluble polymer-supported catalysts in thermomorphic systems“




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