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M. Sc. Anna Kampwerth

Curriculum Vitae:

In October 2013 Anna Kampwerth started studying chemistry at the TU Dortmund and finished her bachelor thesis with the topic “Investigation on the tandem reaction of hydroformylation and aldol condensation of 1-octene with subsequent reductive amination” at the laboratory of industrial chemistry in March 2017. During her master studies from April 2017 to April 2019 she was partially supported by LANXESS AG as part of the “Deutschlandstipendium”. In March 2018 she went to Japan and studied at Tohoku University in Sendai for one semester as an exchange student of the Cooperative Laboratory Study Program (COLABS). In the group of Prof. Dr. Terada she completed a research project with the topic “Study on synthesis of alkenyl aryl ethers through SNAr reaction utilizing [1,2]-phospha-Brook rearrangement”. During this time she received a scholarship from the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO). In 2019 she earned her master’s degree with her thesis on the “Development of two different recycling approaches in the telomerization of β-myrcene with dimethylamine”. Afterwards, she gained industrial work experience through a 6-month internship at Saltigo GmbH (LANXESS AG) in Leverkusen working on the characterization of flow reactors. Since December 2019 she is working as a research associate at the laboratory of Industrial Chemistry.


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Anna Kampwerth


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